With CarGurus Listings, connect ready-to-buy shoppers with your inventory and efficiently sell more cars

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Receive high quality connections and leads from in-market shoppers

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Control of your dealership reputation, branding, and performance with dedicated tools

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Boost your vehicle's position on SRPs based on the deal rating

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Maximize your exposure - 25% of our audience exclusively shops on CarGurus

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Extend your CarGurus pricing validation to your dealership website through deal rating badges

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Join thousands of Canadian paying dealers


All CarGurus Listings plans include

  • Full shopper contact information
  • Deal ratings on your used inventory
  • Leads reports and analytics
  • Tools to manage your search ranking and make inventory decisions
  • Trackable inbound phone leads
  • Dedicated account manager

Most Popular

More details about the Enhanced Plan Expand your communication capabilities with text and chat options, plus access to delivery and digital marketing products


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More details about the Featured Plan Boost your inventory's visibility with exclusive high-priority SRP placements


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More details about the Featured Priority Plan Maximize performance with a branded listing in the #1 search result position

Featured Priority

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VDP Dealership Branding

Including 100 photos per vehicle

Feature included
Feature included
Managed Chat/Text

Messaging experts promptly respond to your customers 24/7

Feature included
Feature included
Increased SRP exposure

Listings rotate through top spots on search results pages

Feature included
Feature included
Access to SRP top spot

Branded listing in #1 spot on search results

Feature not included
Feature included
CarGurus Area Boost

Reach shoppers outside of your local market and show deliverable inventory



Onsite Display

Build your brand and direct shoppers from CarGurus VDPs to your website




Reach the most serious buyers beyond the first page



RPM Premier

Deliver Facebook ads for relevant vehicles based on shopper browsing behavior



Want to try CarGurus for free?

Dealers can list their inventory on the CarGurus marketplace for free and receive limited access to our shoppers and marketing tools.

Increase your CarGurus exposure with premium add-on products


Area Boost

Participating dealers see 20% more VDP views from shoppers in their target market

  • Deliver vehicles to low-funnel shoppers outside your local market to expand your reach
  • Grow shopper connections by getting more shoppers to your listings
  • Compete in low supply markets by making it easy for shoppers to find the car they want
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Onsite Display Display offers exclusive, branded ads on your CarGurus VDPs

  • Keep the focus on your dealership through exclusive branding on your CarGurus VDPs
  • Increase touchpoints and brand awareness with shoppers interested in your vehicles
  • Drive quality shoppers directly to your website with custom messages that align with your goals
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Reach the most serious buyers beyond the first page by boosting promotion of specific stock categories, including:

  • Aged Stock: Target slow-moving stock by promoting listings with the longest time on site
  • Newest Model Year Stock: Boost visibility of your most recently produced stock
  • Approved Used: Feature vehicles with proven value
  • All Qualified Stock: Promote Great, Good, and Fair deals to expand reach
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RPM Premier

RPM Premier is a social re-targeting product that serves ads for relevant vehicles based on the shoppers browsing behavior.

  • Reach a high-value audience of CarGurus shoppers who are in-market for your vehicle
  • Expand reach on a main social channel by advertising to car shoppers throughout their shopping journey on Facebook
  • Drive shoppers to your highest converting digital assets that have zero competition or distractions
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